Legacy features * Huge worlds to explore, with FREE world editor to provide customized continuous game play that will make this the most played game in your collection. * Beautifully rendered, eye-popping graphics never before seen on this platform. * Hours of play that will keep you coming back for more and more. * You`re not alone in this game. Staying true to the RPG theme, you create your own party of multiple talented members. * Hundreds of different items, armors, and weapons each with their own special attributes. Encounter items made from treasured favorite materials like EBONY and MITHRIL. * Detailed info on every member, item, spell gives you the information you need to set up your ideal party or conquer any foe. * Visit the taverns and join in a fantasy card game where you can even use spells to play. * Beware the many types of monsters, each also with its own unique properties including: attack/defend capabilities, resistances, life force, spell knowledge, and spell chance. These monsters are not just sitting around waiting for a fight, they interact with the environment. Don`t count on that monster to stay put behind closed doors, some types can even open doors! * Experience our distinctive wear/wield system, meaning what you see is what you get. Check out these pictures on this page. * Beautiful animations and sound effects. Doors realistically open and close. Candle flames, monster activities, ambient sounds and other special effects create the perfect RPG environment. Download

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setelah saya pikir2 akhirnya saya ingin memisahkan antara freeware for pc and freeware for mobile. biar lebih fokus aja n g tercampur aduk, ok deh selamat menikmati