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bagi pren2ku sekalian yang telah sudi mau mampir di blogku yang sederhana ini terimakasih banyak. ini ada beberapa theme for symbian phone berformat .sis , silahkan download bagi yang menginginkannya semua freeware alias free download bin gratiz....... he,,,,..he.... jangan lupa juga mengunjungi my blog yang lainnya di bagi yang ingin mendownload game pc full version. ni themes bagi temen2 yang penggila bola khususnya para milanisti dan pencinta barcelona. untuk klub yang laen mungkin akan menyusul nanti. silahkan downlao.... AC_Milan FC_Barcelona klo ini theme dari film2 favorit pren2 semua.dijamin udah pada kenal ni film,,, langsung aja download...untuk nambah koleksi theme ponsel para pren2.. Fantastic4 Fast Furious Spiderman 2 X-MEN Other cell phone themes: Firefox Apple Aqua LEO

MFI Kyranda Java Games

Running on 15 stages,you will fight criminals from your car.Kyranda can take various power ups(cannon,machine gun, turbo jump, turbo speed) to increase performances.Read with care the mission orders and follow the instructions to complete the various stages.The mission orders will ask you to stop enemies, to kill them,and to deliver or pick up items. The right side of the screen displays distance from the target,and on the left, speed and weapon status.In the upper bar is displayed the current enemy or the mission's items. Good luck... Download

Free Download Alien VS Predator Java Games

human: you are a part of a whalling team who found an entrance to an ancient underground pyramid. but one night you discover all of your friends have disappeared. they seem to have been taken, but the only place they could have gone is into the pyramid! you must enter, find and recover as many of them as possible. but be careful: there are things here that are not from this world. Predator: this is your time, it's a predator ritual to prove yourself as a true warrior and destroy as many aliens as possible. do not let the humans stand in your way. Alien: to defeat the oppressing predators you must capture as many humans as possible as hosts for you offspring. it's our planet. it's their war. whoever wins... we lose. Download

24 Java Games for your cell phone

you are a CTU Agent in a race against time to stop a potentially devastating war from taking place between Nort Korea and the USA. using your " spy phone " you will contact, assign, and guide Jack Baver and other CTU agents through a series of mini games and puzzles. but choose wisely the clock is ticking and each missionn and decision you make affects how the story unfolds! can you discover who is behind the threat and stop them before it's too late? free download java mobile games now... Download

African Rally for your mobile phone

Be the fastest in single race mode to move up the rankings.Finish a rally to unlock the next one and the single races. Accelerate at just the right moment and use the turbo for a flying start! Use the joystick or 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 to steer the bike. Press 2 to accelerate,8 to brake,5 to change gear. * confirm, # return or pause. 1,2,3, up or joystick to activate the turbo start. Download