SHREK 2 The Adventure of Puss in Boots Java Games

On this adventure you will have to scale walls, break objects to access certain areas of a map and solve puzzles along the way. many pickups will be available that will aid puss in his adventure. some of the pickups will revitalise his energy, but be aware.... some could have CAT-astrophic consequences. Support all Java Phones free downloads java games Shrek 2 for you,free..... Download

Free Need For Speed Java Games

Race the streets for glory and cash. in garage, move up and down to browse components and press centre to upgrade. engines increases turn rate, tires reduce slipping and tuning adds bonus to rewards. you can use power-ups three times per race. at first power-up is just nitros but more effects will be added. Support all phones download free java games need for speed now. Download

Lego Racer Symbian Games for nokia

Race for a top 3 rank in the grand prix to continue to the next race and unlock new tracks. after a grand prix it is possible to upgrade your car using the prize credits you have won and any bonus credits you picked up during the race. you can upgrade your cars traction and speed and buy more nitro for the next race. speed gives your car a higher top speed and traction improves your grip on the surface. play a quick race to improve your skills on the unlocked tracks. your score is based on the total prize credits you win and amount of bonus credits you pick up during a grand prix. highscores can only be archieved in grand prix mode. the top 10 highscores are accessible via the highscore in the main menu. only for nokia N80, E70, E60 Download

Java Games Land of The Dead: Day of Reckoning

The living dead have taken over the world and the last survivors have barricaded themselfs inside a walled city, your name is Riley and your job is to retrieve food, medicine and other need supplies from the suburbs and outskirts. only for nokia N80, E70, E60 Download

Free Close Call Java Games

Counter strike fighting in the city becomes more and more difficult. a dustbin, a box or a corner in the city can be the terorist's good blindage. all these bring a lot of difficulties to the storm troops and result in a large casualty. it is the sharp shooter who can change the war situation. now you are a sharp shooter. you task is to cover your teammates to fight, change the war situation and make the casualty to be least. victory is on your hand. one shooting makes one killing. you should also have enough sense of the war situation. you are the best sharp shooter! " close call " is a new style shooting game. you act as a sharp shooter of the storm troop. receive several dangerous orders at the critical time. Download

Castle Nasty Java Games

You are Genghis, longsuffering manservant to the evil doctor colostomus at the sinister castle nasty. your evil master has scattered a fortune in gold coins throughout the deep, dank dungeons, which you must gather and present to him by dawn before wakes, in a test of your loyalty. you must scour the catacombs, collecting the treasure whilst avoiding the evil creatures which inhabit there. to accomplish this task successfully you will also need to locate the key to each level in order to escape to the next stage. failure to complete the mission will result in a world of eternal pain for Genghis although if you somehow manage to please colostomus, perhaps he will return your soul and set you free.... support all phone Download

Blaza Raging Thunder J2me

Game modes: Pick and run you need to pick up all ten flags per level. follow your compass to find them all before time runs out. Knockout on lap 2,3 and 4 the worst placed car is knocked out. Download mendukung semua ponsel java

Java Games Amazon Warfare

As a commando, battle your way on foot and in vehicles through levels filled with fierce enemies. laying waste and improving your weapons along the way. look for health packs and dropped items on the battlefield. your score at the end of each of the 5 levels represents the level completion award plus bonus points based on the percentage of enemies killed. good luck soldier!!! support all phone. Download

Free Java Games Allodas Multiplayer

this game will let you be plunged in the world of allods again, getting to know how did the world fall into pieces and trying to save it from ultimate destruction..... Support all Java Phone. Download

free download Java Games age of Marcopolo

Your mission is to rise in the ranks of merchants and become the owner of the most powerful trading house in venice. you have 30 season to gain riches and night. support all java phone. Download