X-Men II Legends Rise of Apocalypse Java Games

x-men 2 legends rise of apocalypse x-men 2 legends rise of apocalypse java games Intructions: Apocalypse has risen and no mutant is safe from his evil plan to take over the earth! Maneto has been exiled from his own colony in genosha and in desperation helps the x-men free their kidnapped leader, professor Xavier. with the fate of the world in their hands, the x-men are forced to unite with Magneto and his outlaw brotherhood of mutants to stop apocalypse once and for all. Download Here Mirror

Princess of Nile Java Games

princess of nile java games Princess of Nile Java Game Introduction: long long ago, when gods still show their power and stateliness to mortal, when there are magic and miracles. Ancient Egypt., with God Horus' bless, the kingdom was in it's golden age. people enjoyed their happy life. and the evil god set he is follower seemed to have be en vanished. however, a horrible sand storm suddenly raided the city, Helupolis, which is in the west of kingdom, near the great desert. sands and rocks stroke houses and roads, killed animals farmers had, lots of residents loose their lives. the flourishing city became a land of chaos and desperation. Soon, ambulance corps, formed by armies, medicals, priests, was assigned to Helupolis. But, when they arrived at an oasis near Helupolis, most terribly thing happened. Mass of monsters assault those careless people, and massacre them. Download Here Mirror

Counter Strike (CS) 2 - Source Strike Java Games

counter strike 2 source strike java games Counter strike 2 Java Game Briefing: In 21XX, atomic warfare breaks out finally. human civilization has almost been exterminated. the whole world is being reined by world Goverment, which controls all resource left worlwide. with its military, the governors exploit and oppress people inordinately. certainly, there are a few people opposite to world goverment and they build up their own army to fight against world goverment. the army experiences a real hard time with goverments repression until the participation of a group of professional army man. new hope appears ahead. now you are one of the elite among them and you are going to face atrocious goverment troops. Download Here Mirror

Monkey King Java Games

Monkey king Java Games Monkey King Mobile Phones game Instruction: Monkey King episode one the journey begins! Wu Kong has been sentenged to imprisonment in five finger mountain as punishment for him destroying the hervenly palage. after 500 years of solitude, a monk called SIfu Tong Sam Ghong has sought out Wu Kong to help him defeat Wu Jing, the legendary cannibal that terrorizes the land. Download Here Mirror

City Builder Mobile Phones Games

City Builder Java Games city buider java game intructions: City Builder is a strategy game for mobile phones that puts you in a seat of your favorite mayor. entering your name and name of the city you want to build the game will start. The game has different buildings you can build: bus stasion, park, entertainment, villa, house, business center, business building, lght industry, heavy industry, hi-tech industry, water reservoir, power station, police station, hospital, and school. Each building type has its own price, build time,revenue. city income is controlled by tax rate which can be changed from 3% to 25%. as a good mayor you have to watch for the citizen unrest and lower the taxes sometimes. of course, police will help you to create a peaceful place, but not always. your citizens may be ill and spread diseases, so help them building hospitals. Educated people will bring your city more income, so invest in your future by building schools all around the city. create buildings wisely and allow your people to communicate. roads will help your people to easily travel from home to work and malls on the weekends. remember, house with a good driveway is worth more that a house without one. of course, every building needs power station and water to fuction properly. select positions of power stations and water reservoirs and create industry around them to get higher production rate. but, watch out for the pollution, it will take your funds away because it needs to be cleaned. some of the buildings will collapse after 30 years of use, so be prepared for some more cost. Download Here Mirror

Friends- the one with all trivia Java Games

Friend the one with all trivia java games Friends - The one with all trivia Mobile phones game instructions: In the Single player game you try and answer as many questions as possible within the chosen time limit. arrows on the screen correspond to the directional pad on the phone. to scroll through the quetions and answer use the up and down arrows. to move back and forth between the question and answer use the left and right arrow keys. pressing the right arrow on the answer screen will speed up the scrolling of long answer. in addition to the sift key the number (5) may also be used to confirm a menu or answer. In Multiplayer mode you pass around the phone to up to 4 of your friends. each player will be represented by a numbered cup and color. answering a question correctly will light up a window. the first person to light up their entire building floor and answer the final question correctly is the winner. in the event of a tie, questions will continue until someone wins. Download Here Mirror

Elektra Assassin Java Games

Elektra Assassin Java Games Elektra - Assassin The Mobile Game Story: Assassination comes easy to Elektra. on a recent vacation she befriends a rebellious girl and her father, Abby and Mark Miller. Elektra learns later that her next job is to kill her newfound friends. Turning to her old mentor, stick, Elektra learns that the hand, a ninja cult, are also plotting to kill them. taking up arms, Elektra a decides to protect them. batting over 13 levels, with the help of Abby, Elektra seeks to destroy the evil hand and save her friends from their fate. Download Here Mirror

Demons Castle Phones Game

demons castle java games Demons Castle Java Games overview: an amazing fantastic action game now comes on your mobile phone. the hundreds of years hatred between Dracula and Human broke out again. our Hero, a Vampire Hunter, has four special skills, five primary and secondary weapons, and even could level up 10 times. he should fight a life and death battle againts many kinds of evil monsters and powerful bosses in the charnel castle which has seventy zones. when the human hero faces his vampire queen mother, what a cruel combat would to be??? Download Here Mirror

300 Java Games for your Mobile

300 Java Games 300 The Mobile Game Story: over one hundred nations have been forced to join the colossal army of persia. The King of Persia, Xerxes, is invariably looked upon and treated as a god. he leads a force so massive it shakes the earth with its march. The fiercest warriors of greece, The Spartans, are the only thing standing between Xerxes and his true dominance of the world. with a mere goo men, the spartan king Leonidas makes a last stand to defend family, freedom, and the dignity of his country. this final stand will be marked with blood, for all to remember those that fell. his only regret is that he has so few to sacrifice. Download Here Mirror

Tomb Raider - Quest OF Cinnabar Java Games

Tomb Raider-Quest of Cinnabar Java Games Tomb Raider Mobile Game Overview: on returning from Egypt, Lara finds her anonymous employer wishes her to travel to Tibet immediately. Her destination is a nameless ancient monastery, which sits high on an escarpment. Lara must secure a priceless ancient vase containing Cinnabar, a substance used in the creation of life-affirming tinctures. Lara Croft is well aware that the supposedly mythical city of shangri la is actually rooted in Tibetan folklore, which describes a remote valley inhabited by immortals. Download here Mirror

Anito - Call Of The Land Java Games

anito-call of the land java games Anito The Mobile Game Overview: Maroka is the spirit that breathed life upon all, and from her came all that can be seen. and thus, the land itself is called Maroka. for like the spirit, it cradles creation with its very being. in many ways,the spirit and the land are one. unfortunately, recent wars among its many tribes threaten to break this bond. there are those who thrive in this chaos and those who strive to end it. Download Here Mirror

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion Java Games

The Elder Scrolls 4(IV) oblivion Java Games game overview: the elder scrolls oblivion has 12 levels that follow along the storyline of the console and pc version of the game. it is not necessary to know that version of the game to complete oblivion mobile. there are also 4 optional quests that are not required to finish the game, but can be completed for additional items, gold and experience points. Download Here Mirror

Ancient Empires 1 Java Games

Ancient Empires java games Free Downloads Java Games For Your Mobile phone. Ancient Empires is a thrilling strategy game putting you in the role of king galamar as you fight to reclaim your kingdom. Next are instructions, hints and tips on how to play as they appear as part of the game. for more help visit www.macrospace.com. Download Here

Anakonda games For java Phone

anaconda java games Anaconda Java Games Overview: Arcade mode: to complete each level you must grow to the specified length. Versus mode: make the other snake crash into your tail! Size Battle mode: win by growing your snake faster than your opponent. Survival mode: stay alive for as long as possible by eating food to shrink your snake. when you eat food in the survival mode indicators at the top right of the screen will show you how much you will shrink. Classic mode: for all you retro snake fans! Download Here

Absolute Puzzle Java Games

Free MObile Games Absolute Puzzle Intructions: Be the fastest in single race mode to move up the rankings.Finish a rally to unlock the next one and the single races. Accelerate at just the right moment and use the turbo for a flying start! Use the joystick or 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 to steer the bike. Press 2 to accelerate,8 to brake,5 to change gear. * confirm, # return or pause. 1,2,3, up or joystick to activate the turbo start. download here

3D baloon Racer Mobile Games

3D baloon Race Java Games Free download java games full. 3D Balloon Racer Java Games Intructions: Aim to collect as many ballons as possible and finish laps on time. if you manage to collect all 5 balloons in the right color range, be ready to get an extra 1000 points! Quicker you finish laps the more bonus points you will get, and each balloon you collect is worth 25. You need loads of points to play in different cities! be aware that it is hard to be on top of the high score list. Download Here