Tony Hawks Underground for Java Phone

free java games for you,pick up all objects and knock out the thugs within the time limit to unlock the next level and try to get the highest score! Download

Townsman Racing

Poopsy is back! And this time he has brought friends. will he able to fend off Suzi's grace? can he surpass Bronco's strength? find out and start the craziest pig race since there are townies! Download

The Pappermenace Java Games

The Paper menace as the second mobile adventure in the house of tales series is a classic adventure game in which you as the main character live a story. you find yourself in a fantastic world with many interactive locations which you perambulate in first person perspective. you can look at, use, pick up and combine objects via menus,talk to people and have to solve fiddly riddles to change the circumstances of the virtual world and to advance in the story-until you reach the dramatic finale. Download

The Mummy for you Celluler Phone

mummy java game guide the two adventurers through the catacombs deep within the ancient city of Hamunaptra. along your way you will have to solve puzzles and fight resurrected mummies. rick and evy both have different skills and strengths. you will need to utilise these to solve the various puzzles in the tombs. all their skill are carried out by using the action button. this will be primarily used to fire their weapons,but will also activate an action item if near the player. free download java mobile.... Download

Java Game Scarface

Tony Montana, recently released from freedom town, is visited by Omar Rl Mono Suarez. Omar gives Tony a few job. some require collection for protection services provided by El Mono and Frank Lopez. download free java games now. Download

Reversi Java Games

Reversi is classic board game similar tu Othello where you have to flip the opponents color to you own. Download

Resident Evil Confidential Report for Cell Phone

CHAPTER 1 Newly initiated rookie cop Tyler Hamilton had been assigned guard duty at a certain research facility. his first day on the job turned out to be more than he'd bergained for. it all started with an explosion inside the facility. CHAPTER 2 FBI agent Naomi McClain was standing outside the police station at the time of the incident. the facility in question was rumoured to be performing secret experiments. she had come to uncover the truth. Download free java games Resident evil now.enjoy.... Download

Quest Craft Java Games

fight against the saint knight and get the throne of devil king. Controls: Left soft key:main menu Right soft key:Inventory 2,up:move up 4,left:move left 6,right:move right 8,down:move down 5,fire:action Explanation: HP: Hit point The Character dies when the HP reaches Zero MP: Magic point The number of points required to cast a magic LV: Level The Battle Ability of a character EXP: Experience When a character gains enough experience from the battles, it will level up. Download