In a freak accident, Dr. Bruce Banner was struck full force by deadly gamma radiation, which left him forever altered. During fits of rage and anxiety the brilliant scientist becomes a rampaging monster, The Hulk. Dr. Banner is now seeking to rid himself of his alter-ego, while trying to stay one step ahead of those that seek to destroy him. Also a victim of gamma radiation, Samuel Sterns was turned from an ordinary laborer into a superhuman with a brain five times its normal volume and intelligence. Stern is bent on conquering the globe as The Leader and has set in motion a diabolical plan to control the thoughts of everyone in the world! Already he has ensnared the minds of millions, but Dr. Banner's unique split personality makes him invulnerable to The Leader's will. Now, Dr. Banner finds himself drawn to a secret army base in the desert, and the stage is set for a carnage-filled showdown of epic proportions!¤The Hulk Controls: Navigation Left or 4 - Walk Left Navigation Right or 6 - Walk Right Navigation Up or 2 - Walk Up / Climb Up Navigation Down or 8 - Walk Down / Climb Down Navigation Center or 5 - Punch / Throw Object Left Softkey - Grab / Throw Object or Enemy Dr. Banner Controls: Navigation Left or 4 - Walk Left Navigation Right or 6 - Walk Right Navigation Up or 2 - Walk Up Navigation Down or 8 - Walk Down Navigation Center or 5 - Interact Left Softkey - Interact General Controls: Right Softkey - Pause Game Story Mode Instructions: Complete each level by using the unique abilities of The Hulk (fighting, smashing, climbing, carrying large objects) and Dr. Bruce Banner (using computers and getting through tight spaces) to battle and puzzle your way past numerous enemies and obstacles. Defeat your enemies as The Hulk by punching and throwing them, or by throwing objects and other enemies at them. Dr. Banner will automatically turn into The Hulk if a fight starts in his proximity. Use Rage Up and Rage Down bonuses to transform between Dr. Banner and The Hulk in order to navigate levels. Health Packs restore energy. Keycards, Keys and Batteries are used to complete objectives on some levels. Beware of air-raids, proximity mines, electrified fences, flame jets, flame grills and many different types of enemies. You will find Checkpoints on most levels. If you reach a Checkpoint, your progress is saved. If you are killed or stop playing, you will be able to resume the game from that point. Progress in Story Mode will unlock Smash Mode levels. Smash Mode Instructions: The goal of Smash Mode is to clear the special Smash Mode levels while attaining a high score. Scoring: Soldiers = 50pts Rocket Launcher Soldiers = 100pts Super Heated Plasma Turrets = 200pts Tanks = 350pts Hulk Buster Bots = 500pts Land Mines = 0pts Punching or throwing an enemy = Score x 1 Throwing an enemy into a hazard = Score x 2 Catching an enemy in an explosion = Score x 3 Hitting one enemy with another = Score x 3 for each additional enemy killed Completing a level = 1000pts Each level has a 'par' time (2 minutes), completing it in under this time scores 250pts for each remaining second. more That was close! Why am I drawn to this place? EI must investigate further and see if I can get inside that bunker... #So you've got this far, Dr. Banner! &Wh-what is that voice inside my head!? rHa-ha! With my Psionic Amplifier, I am inside everyone's heads! Turn back or surrender control of your mind to me! TThe Leader!? Don't think your threats will stop me from putting an end to your plan! fYes, I am The Leader! And I have more than mere threats! My soldiers defend me with their very lives! /Some obstructions can be destroyed by The Hulk. =The Hulk can pick up certain objects and use them as weapons. JSometimes it's safer to destroy obstructions by throwing things at them... .The Hulk can climb onto some types of scenery. xYou can jump down from these cargo containers if there is room below, or jump across to others if they are close enough. 5Some gaps are too narrow for The Hulk to fit through. ... 8Picking up a green arrow will turn Banner into The Hulk. ?Picking up an orange arrow will turn The Hulk back into Banner. Pick up keycards... -...and get Banner to use them in computers... " open locked gates and doors. Hmm, lets hope this lift takes me all the way to The Leader... 7Hulk use lift to get to Leader! Then Hulk SMASH Leader! †I hope you like this warehouse, Dr. Banner! Now that I've cut the power to the lift, you'll be spending the rest of your life in here! bThis place is a maze! I need to find a way of powering up the lift again so I can get out of here! 7I better be careful around those gratings on the floor! 0Wall look weak to Hulk! Hulk could smash easily! [This battery is just what I need - but just one won't do it. I'll need about six of them... %Hulk use this battery. But need more! 8That's it! I should be able to get the lift going again! #Hulk use batteries to make lift go! ?Now lets find out what The Leader is so keen to hide from me... 7Hulk try to find what Leader is hiding down here now... œSo, you restored power to the lift... impressive. But not good enough! My generator has overridden your puny batteries. You'll never leave this floor alive! 4Well, I better find and destroy your generator then! NOOOO! HThere's no way I'll get past those flames! Got to find a shut-off valve! HHulk not want to set himself on fire! Must find way to put out flames... }This radioactive slime... It feels like it's bringing out The Hulk... I'll have to watch my step if I want to keep control... ,I hope this valve shuts off that gas leak... Hulk shut off fire with valve! gThis must be that radiogenic generator The Leader was talking about. It looks quite heavily shielded... FHulk think this is machine that Leader talk about. HULK SMASH MACHINE! [Hmm, these fire grills seem to be stuck on. Maybe I need to defeat all of these soldiers... =Flames not going off! Maybe once I beat all these soldiers... That should make lift work! UI must be nearing whatever The Leader is protecting now, there's only one floor left! KI must be getting close to whatever it is The Leader is hiding down here... 6Turn back now, Banner, or I will crush you like a bug! FI must be close for sure if you're resorting to petty threats, Leader! *Now which of these computers should I use? #Hulk not sure what to do in here... ZI think I have to use these consoles in a certain order... Maybe there's a clue somewhere? PThis must be what The Leader is protecting! It must power his psionic amplifier! ,This is Leader's machine! Hulk must destroy! IThat's set it to overload! I'd better get out of here before it explodes! LWhat?! This is impossible! You shouldn't have been able to get past my army! +Well I did, and your evil plan is finished! NFinished it may be, but one day I will return and destroy you forever, Banner! And I'll be ready for you! UI have to get through the city center if I'm going to get into The Leader's compound. 6I think I'll start by trying to get through that door. [If I can just get onto that building over there I should be able to get across to his base. LHmm, if I had a key for this door I might be able to get up onto the roof... HIf Banner could get into building he could get onto roof. Hulk need key. SThere's nowhere to go... Wait! Maybe that underground entrance will lead somewhere? ;Nowhere for Hulk to go! Hmm, maybe that hole in the ground? Hulk not fit into tiny hole. Hulk not able to use key. ,That was big explosion! Road look damaged... UHa! Demolition didn't stop Hulk! Road looks too damaged for Hulk to go back that way. 7The gates are shut! I'll have to find another way in... NIf I can find a key for that door, I should be able to get into the courtyard. SI'll check to the north in that car park. Maybe I'll find something useful there... =They lock Hulk out! Maybe puny Banner can find better way in? .If I get key, Banner can get into that door... 6Hulk look in car park up there! Maybe smash some cars! 7The gates are shut! I'll have to find another way in... 5Hmm, maybe that key I found earlier is for that door? =They lock Hulk out! Maybe puny Banner can find better way in? /Could Banner use key from earlier in that door? aNow I just need to get onto that building and I should be able to get into The Leader's compound! BHulk can see Leader's machines from here! Hulk get ready to SMASH! Hulk not able to use machine... "I can't climb that! It's too tall! ,I can't break that... I'm not strong enough! %I need a keycard to use this console! !Hulk never run away from a fight! -Hulk can grab soldiers and throw them around. ]This must be where The Leader is beaming his signal from! I can feel his thoughts in my head! iThat's right, Dr. Banner! And with my antennas atop the tallest buildings in the city I control everyone! DYou don't control me, Leader! I'm going to put a stop to your plans! +Grr! Hulk being stopped by electric things! 0Maybe they are linked to metal tower over there? Hulk destroy tower! 'And electric things get destroyed, too! /No!!! You must stop! You're ruining everything! WMore of those dangerous things! There must be another of The Leader's towers near here. !Haha! Another puny tower smashed! GStop him, soldiers! Can't you incompetent fools stop this green menace? ;Hulk at top of building! Only a few machines left to smash! @Curse you, Hulk! I won't let you stop me! I will rule the world! yNoooo! Well, you may have stopped my plans for now, but you will pay dearly for your interference! Destroy him my robots! #What?! How can you still be alive!? 'Hulk tear your robots apart like paper! lYou may have stopped me for now, but I will be back! And my mighty intellect will crush you like a tiny ant! Hulk will be ready for you! Desert Office Storage City Skyscraper Smash Mode High Scores uStarting a new story will overwrite existing story mode saved data. Are you sure you would like to start a new story? Game Over Retry Time bonus Total ŠMARVEL, THE INCREDIBLE HULK: TM & © 2005 Marvel Characters Inc. All rights reserved. Licensed by Marvel Characters, Inc. TM & © 2005 MARVEL Throw or Download or Download or Download