The game offers a Battle and Duel game mode, which can be selected from the New game menu. The Battle is a full game featuring 40 pieces a side. The Duel is a quick game featuring 10 pieces a side. Ending a Battle mode game prematurely will count as a loss on your scores. Duel mode wins and losses are not recorded on your score.Stratego is played by two armies, blue and red. The goal of the game is capturing your opponent's flag.At the start of the game, you select one of the predefined lineups. Next you switch your pieces to complete your lineup.During the game, both players move one of their pieces in turns. You can attack a piece, the weakest piece is removed from the board.If both pieces are equally strong, both are removed from the board and moved to the graveyard.Your Marshall is your strongest piece, but it loses when attacked by a spy.Your officers are 1 General, 2 Colonels and 3 Majors. Next in rank are 4 Captains, 4 Lieutenants and 4 Sergeants. {8} {You have 6 bombs. Only a Miner [3] eliminates a bomb, and you have 5 Miners at your disposal. Bombs cannot be moved.Scouts are the only pieces that can move (and attack) more than one square in a turn horizontally and vertically. You have 8 Scouts.You have 1 spy. It loses every battle, unless it attacks the Marshall(but not the other way around!).And finally 1 Flag. If you capture the enemy's flag, or if your opponent has no moves left, you win the game. You cannot move your flag. Download or Download or Download