free download 3D Boxing java game

As you win a set number of matches, your rank will go up in the following order: rank 4, rank 6, rank 8, rank 10.After rank 10, you will fight to become the Japanese champion and then the world champion. Your stamina and punching power will be higher in the heavier weight classes.This meansthat in a heavier weight class, you will be able to KO your opponent in a shorter amount of time. After you compete in 31 matches or fail to defend your world championship, you will drop out from matches.If your record is good enough, your name will be recorded as arena (hall of fame) boxer.The blue bar represents your health and the yellow bar represents your stamina.The bottom bar is the player's gauge and the top bar is your opponent's gauge.If you press the right soft key during a match or practice, you can toggle ON/OFF the sound. F = Fight W = Win L = Lose D = Draw Str = Strength Sta = Stamina Download