Ghosts and Goblins

Once upon a time.. There is a small and beautiful kingdom where people live in peace. But... One day, goblins from the hell begun to appear in kingdom. They killed people and attacked the castle. Sir Arthur, honored brave knight, fought with goblins everyday. Even in restless fight, he spent the day of rest with loved princess, who is his master, on a small hill... Then... INTRODUCTION Your goal is to rescue the princess who has been kidnapped by the demon Hades.\n\nYou control Arthur and must defeat the enemies to clear the stages. At the end of each stage powerful bosses await you. Defeat them to progress.\n\nYou can only rescue the princess by defeating Hades. But Hades is immune to all but one weapon!\n\nEnemy hits will reduce Arthur to his underwear; one more hit then will cost him one life. Some enemies have treasure when you defeat them, you can get bonus points or new items & weapons!\n\nYou can find bonus points, weapons and armour scattered throughout the stages as well. The weapons available are spears, swords, axes, crosses and torches. Download