AGLOCO™ is the first Internet based economic network, which enables you as a Member to Get your share of the Internet. Advertiser's, search companies, online merchants and other businesses currently pay lots of companies to deliver people like you to them for attention and commerce. With AGLOCO™ they will be paying YOUR company. AGLOCO™ is also a global community of Internet users whose active Members can paid for all their online activity. By downloading our proprietary Viewbar™ technology, members benefit from engaging content tailored to their interests. AGLOCO™ also pays its members to refer their friends to the community (and for those friends to refer more friends through four levels of extended referrals.) JOIN NOW Sign up, use the web as usual and earn cash and shares - it really is that simple. Once you install the Viewbar™ software it automatically records the time you're actively online, and we pay you for it. But the first step is to sign up and become a member. It's fast and it's free. If you refer your friends and family we'll pay you even more cash and shares. JOIN NOW AGLOCO™ pays you an hourly rate when the friends and family who you recruit use the web while using the Viewbar™ (they're called "direct referrals"), and for people your referrals recruit ('extended referrals'). Extended referrals continue for four levels past your original referral, and there is no limit to the number of referrals you can accumulate. JOIN NOW There are some rules, and all are intended for the benefit of AGLOCO™ members: * Each person can only sign up once, creating an account for him or herself, and may not establish an account on behalf of anyone else. Nor can accounts be transferred between people. * No spamming. AGLOCO™ strictly forbids spamming to get referrals. This means you can only tell people you know or who explicitly agree to receive your invitation to be referred. See our Anti-spam Policy. If you use spam to try to get referrals, your account will be terminated. * The maximum number of payable hours per month is currently 5. Over time, depending on several variables that number may increase, or it may decrease, at AGLOCO™'s discretion. * You have to surf yourself to get the benefit of your referrals' surfing. If you surf only 50% of the maximum payable hours in a month, and your referrals each surf 100%, you will be credited with only 50% of the payable surfing time for each referral. See our Global Payments Table for details of payable hours by country. * All information submitted during signup must be accurate; members who deal with AGLOCO™ in a fraudulent fashion will forfeit their memberships, their account balance, and their referrals. All of this information is in our Membership Agreement, which you must read before joining AGLOCO™ or downloading and using the Viewbar™ software. JOIN NOW AGLOCO™ Membership is absolutely free, and you will never have to buy or sell anything. Simply sign up, download your free copy of the Viewbar™ software, refer your friends and family, and get your share of the Internet! We believe that the Internet should be a platform for the users to benefit from, and if anyone generates money from users normal online activities, it should be the users themselves. AGLOCO™ is totally committed to your privacy. We do not sell, rent or give away your personally identifiable personal information to any marketer or advertiser. We have a detailed Privacy Policy which explains in plain language how we protect your privacy. The greater the number of AGLOCO™ users the more the shares will be worth. We are currently in the process of listing the company on the London Stock Exchange (AIM), and the market will decide what the value will be as is the case with any public company. JOIN NOW Yes, you will be able to give you cash and/or shares directly to the Charity of your choice. AGLOCO™ is currently setting up the necessary website pages and documentation needed for a Charity to be on the AGLOCO™ list. The AGLOCO™ Foundation was started by the founding team and most of them have picked this Charity for their share distribution they get from being AGLOCO™ Members. No, membership to AGLOCO™ is limited to one account per person. Registering under different names will violate the membership rules, and may lead to cancellation of your account. Yes! AGLOCO™ is completely FREE, there are no hidden fees and no premium accounts. You will NEVER be asked to pay for membership. No, you can join AGLOCO™ directly - but if you were referred make sure you enter your referrer's ID number when you sign up. AGLOCO™ does its best to give you all the advantages you want on the Internet, but there are no obligations to maintain your Membership. You may quit at any time. If you cancel your account, you forfeit any account balances and any referrals. Of course, you can rejoin whenever you want but you'll start out without any balance or referrals. To cancel your membership, you can send an email to JOIN NOW AGLOCO™ will generate revenue from many different sources. AGLOCO™ will channel money to you. Your normal online activities generate money that is not currently given to you. AGLOCO™ pays a 10% fee to its management company - much like Tom Cruise has an agent that he pays 10%. In order to make and keep AGLOCO™ a vibrant community it needs to attract the best management it can - since no stock is give to managers, founders or venture capitalists (only Members are issued stock) this fee is the incentive to attract the best talent to help run AGLOCO™. AGLOCO™ is against spam, and prohibits our Members from using spam to promote AGLOCO™. Anyone caught spamming will have their membership terminated, and they will forfeit all their AGLOCO™ benefits. 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