Friends- the one with all trivia Java Games

Friend the one with all trivia java games Friends - The one with all trivia Mobile phones game instructions: In the Single player game you try and answer as many questions as possible within the chosen time limit. arrows on the screen correspond to the directional pad on the phone. to scroll through the quetions and answer use the up and down arrows. to move back and forth between the question and answer use the left and right arrow keys. pressing the right arrow on the answer screen will speed up the scrolling of long answer. in addition to the sift key the number (5) may also be used to confirm a menu or answer. In Multiplayer mode you pass around the phone to up to 4 of your friends. each player will be represented by a numbered cup and color. answering a question correctly will light up a window. the first person to light up their entire building floor and answer the final question correctly is the winner. in the event of a tie, questions will continue until someone wins. Download Here Mirror