City Builder Mobile Phones Games

City Builder Java Games city buider java game intructions: City Builder is a strategy game for mobile phones that puts you in a seat of your favorite mayor. entering your name and name of the city you want to build the game will start. The game has different buildings you can build: bus stasion, park, entertainment, villa, house, business center, business building, lght industry, heavy industry, hi-tech industry, water reservoir, power station, police station, hospital, and school. Each building type has its own price, build time,revenue. city income is controlled by tax rate which can be changed from 3% to 25%. as a good mayor you have to watch for the citizen unrest and lower the taxes sometimes. of course, police will help you to create a peaceful place, but not always. your citizens may be ill and spread diseases, so help them building hospitals. Educated people will bring your city more income, so invest in your future by building schools all around the city. create buildings wisely and allow your people to communicate. roads will help your people to easily travel from home to work and malls on the weekends. remember, house with a good driveway is worth more that a house without one. of course, every building needs power station and water to fuction properly. select positions of power stations and water reservoirs and create industry around them to get higher production rate. but, watch out for the pollution, it will take your funds away because it needs to be cleaned. some of the buildings will collapse after 30 years of use, so be prepared for some more cost. Download Here Mirror