Princess of Nile Java Games

princess of nile java games Princess of Nile Java Game Introduction: long long ago, when gods still show their power and stateliness to mortal, when there are magic and miracles. Ancient Egypt., with God Horus' bless, the kingdom was in it's golden age. people enjoyed their happy life. and the evil god set he is follower seemed to have be en vanished. however, a horrible sand storm suddenly raided the city, Helupolis, which is in the west of kingdom, near the great desert. sands and rocks stroke houses and roads, killed animals farmers had, lots of residents loose their lives. the flourishing city became a land of chaos and desperation. Soon, ambulance corps, formed by armies, medicals, priests, was assigned to Helupolis. But, when they arrived at an oasis near Helupolis, most terribly thing happened. Mass of monsters assault those careless people, and massacre them. Download Here Mirror